What Is The Suffix Of Jealous?

What is the suffix for jealous?

suffixmakingexample original word-mentnounstreat-yjealous victor-aladjectivesaccident-aryimagine15 more rows.

What is the suffix of arrive?

Prefix of arrive is arrive itself. Suffix of arrive is arrived.

What is the suffix of respect?

Answer: prefix – self respect. suffix – respectful. Hope it helps you!!!

What is the suffix of beneficial?

-bene- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “well. ” This meaning is found in such words as: benediction, benefactor, beneficent, beneficial, benefit, benevolent.

What are examples of suffixes?

Examples of Suffixes-eer. Meaning: engaged in something, associated with something. … -er. Meaning: someone who performs an action. … -ion. Meaning: the action or process of. … -ity. Meaning: the state or condition of. … -ment. Meaning: the action or result of. … -ness. Meaning: a state or quality. … -or. … -sion.More items…

What is the most common suffix?

The most common suffixes are: -tion, -ity, -er, -ness, -ism, -ment, -ant, -ship, -age, -ery.

What is the meaning of affable?

1 : being pleasant and at ease in talking to others an affable host. 2 : characterized by ease and friendliness an affable manner.

Which of the following is a Derivational suffix?

Meanings of the Most Common Derivational SuffixesSuffixMeaningExamples-ablecapable of, worthy of beinglovable, learnable & fixable-arof or relating tobeggar & liar-ento become or cause to beweaken, sharpen & lengthen-ercomparative; morehotter, bigger & smarter14 more rows

What are the 10 examples of suffix?

Common Suffixes in EnglishSuffixMeaningExample-ity, -tyquality ofinactivity, veracity, parity, serenity-mentcondition ofargument, endorsement, punishment-nessstate of beingheaviness, sadness, rudeness, testiness-shipposition heldfellowship, ownership, kinship, internship8 more rows•Feb 14, 2020

What are the two types of suffixes?

There are two primary types of suffixes in English:Derivational suffix (such as the addition of -ly to an adjective to form an adverb) indicates what type of word it is.Inflectional suffix (such as the addition of -s to a noun to form a plural) tells something about the word’s grammatical behavior.

What is the suffix of disrespectful?

-fulThe word disrespectful has two affixes, a prefix (dis-) and a suffix (-ful).

Does community have a suffix?

The Latin term communitatus from which the English word “community” comes, is comprised of three elements, “Com-” – a Latin prefix meaning with or together, “-Munis-” – ultimately Proto-Indo-European in origin, it has been suggested that it means “the changes or exchanges that link” and “-tatus” a Latin suffix …